Devco is a boutique property development group headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa. Since its founding in 1996, it has built a credible brand in the industry guided by a single, sacrosanct principle, successfully completing every development it undertakes.

Initially focusing on the higher income sector, involved in developing flagship projects such as the first Ernie Els Signature Golf Estate in Gauteng Province rated the best new golf course in 2008. Being a lean and flexible firm, Devco was able to shift focus to areas of greater demand, in the process perfecting an innovative and lucrative model for developing both affordable housing and much-needed student accommodation.

Center to this success are:

  • Property market research and knowledge
  • Long term Partnerships with investors
  • Long term relationships with competent professionals
  • Innovative business models, and
  • Sustainable and high quality products.


These elements have ensured sell-out successes, substantial rentals and excellent capital growth at all Devco developments.

Our Mission

The MISSION of DEVCO is to work as a team (teamwork) following a well thought out strategy, to achieve our goal and become one of the most successful and respected developers of affordable housing in South Africa. We aim to reach this trough taking the ‘needs’ of our mother earth into consideration and by using natural and ‘green’ products as far as possible in our developments.

We are committed to build on our ‘very credible’ and more than 75 years of combined development experience and to make a difference to the term “affordable housing”, taking it to new heights with innovative housing designs and implementing alternative energy products such as solar energy, low emission heating and green water innovations. This strategy is twofold, one of affordability and one of sustainability.

Our Vision

The Vision of Devco is to see all South Africans living in a sustainable and respectable home where family values and education will establish the foundation of South Africa’s future.

With innovative ideas and planning from our committed team this GOAL is ACHIEVABLE.