Devco Platinum RENTAL Stock Investor – long term (5 to 10years)

  • The rental investment company will provide an off-take guarantee for the value agreed for the completed units retained for Rental Stock purposes.
  • This guarantee will be subject to delivery of units by Devco Developments (the developer).
  • The guarantee will be issued prior to commencement of construction.


Devco DEVELOPMENT Investor – short term (24 to 60 months)

  • The investor will provide funding for land purchase, against first mortgage bond on the land.
  • After the full development packaging had been confirmed, the equity funder/investor will invest the required funds on a draw down basis, to fund the developments.
  • Investor Security during delivery phase: First mortgage bond on the land, plus Convertible Redeemable Preference Shares in the Development SPV’s.
  • Investor time frame will be up to 60months before preference share redemption, or share conversion, as the case may be.


For more information contact:

Deon Winterbach

Tel: +27 82 416 8615



Ben Verhoef

Tel: +27 83 325 0728